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As more states look to implement laws related to cameras in nursing homes, it seems prudent to develop standards around how and when these devices should be employed.

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I also worry about how such evidence might be interpreted by lay observers.

Any family caregiver who has tried to lovingly care for an agitated parent or spouse with Alzheimer's Disease will tell you that resistive behaviors are common, and interactions in trying moments could be misconstrued when taken out of context.

Mark Lachs provides his reflections on the Huffington Post about the growing trend of surveillance cameras being used by family members in nursing homes to document elder abuse.

So, should "granny cams" be installed widely in American nursing homes?Some facilities allow families to place hidden cameras in the room as long as there’s a sign to that effect on the resident’s door. Should you be able to use hidden cameras to keep a watchful eye in a loved one’s room, all the better to protect her? on the use of "granny cams" to detect elder abuse in nursing homes.Sign up for the AARP Health Newsletter In Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas, you can legally put a nanny cam or “granny cam” – a motion-activated video camera – in your mother’s nursing-home room.Several other states have been considering following suit.

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