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After their musical and image development, the group became known for a very sexually charged and over the top style.

Some of their music videos have led to controversy in the media, including "Mama Lover" and "Mi Mi Mi".

The album received critical acclaim and spawned other singles in addition to "Song #1", but it never became a commercial success.

The band's second album, called Mama Lover, proved to be much more successful.

After the success of "Mama Lover", the group began to garner commercial attention around the world.

The song charted in countries including Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

As soon as the music video was release, the group received much commercial attention.

The group re-released Mama Lover in Japan (under the name Serebration) after signing a contract with EMI Music.

Their first international single under Ego Music and Universal Music Group, "Mi Mi Mi", became a success on European music charts.

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